[2019/11 Brand of the Month] 100 Years of Korean Secret Recipe - CENTURY RECIPES 백년약방

November 04, 2019 1 min read

[2019/11 Brand of the Month] 100 Years of Korean Secret Recipe - CENTURY RECIPES 백년약방

 100 Years of Korean Secret Recipe

Korea’s very first pharmacy was established in 1910,
and the Joseon Medical School opened its doors in 1918,
and as Oriental medicine met science,
the traditional recipes utilizing our 100-year herbal plants contain the enlightenment’s secret to healthy skin.
Now, the 100-year Pharmacy is making healthy skin both inside and out,
with the discovery and modernization of the 100-year beloved secret to healthy skin.


INGREDIENT STORY 1: ‘JACHO’ Plant (Lithospermum Erythrorhizon)

The red Jacho plant could be found in a peddler’s pack as he sold items travelling throughout the long and dangerous mountainous roads all over the eight provinces of Korea.
1.He would tear up the plant on the spot or boil it and apply it when he hurt himself or had a skin ailment.
2.Pharmacies would use this Jacho plant to make and sell Jawoon-go(Jawoon ointment).
3.100-year Pharmacy completed its own Jawoon Complex by maximizing Jawoon-go’s effects.



1.From a long time ago it was recorded that deer horn oil cured small boils and sores in the Donguibogam: Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine.
2.Deer horn oil was the base material for the highest quality musk perfume favored by the royal family.
3.‘Serious toe injury cured with a spoonful of deer horn oil’ was published in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.
4.Doctors use deer horn oil to formulate recipes into new skin care with modern science.



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