【Coreana】AMPLE:N Hyaluron Shot Ampoule 30ml

Type 1: 【Coreana】AMPLE:N Hyaluron Shot Ampoule 30ml
Type 2: 【Coreana】AMPLE:N Hyaluron Shot LIGHT Ampoule 30ml(for Oily Skin)

AMPLE: N Hyaluron Shot Ampoule has a powerful anti-aging effect, returning youth and radiance to your skin. 

Deep hydration, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic, its colour improves. 
Intensive moisturizing and the active awakening of the natural youth and radiance of the skin due to the stimulation of its internal resources, it “starts” the regeneration processes characteristic of young skin.
Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid can penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis and retain moisture for longer, prevents scarring, reducing puffiness, itching, normalizing blood circulation, and has a positive effect on wound healing and tissue regeneration.